Monday, March 31, 2008

How to recycle antifreeze and oil, from Jake and Aaron:

For those of you that do your own oil changes, etc...

If you want to find local places to recycle antifreeze, oil, or anything, check out and just type in the zip codes of local towns. The site is great, very reliable, and will usually give you many local choices of places that will take toxic stuff like that.

Aaron Witham
Editorial Staff
Center for Environmental Education

From: James Harr
Sent: Fri 3/28/2008 12:39 PM
To: Clark Simpson; Jennifer E. Olin; UC Voices
Subject: RE: Unity Recycling Guide Now Available!

Clark and everyone,
The recycling center does not take used motor oil or antifreeze to my knowledge. What you can do with the oil if you don't have a ton, is take it down 202 to TA's garage and they should take it from you. I can't remember if they run a waste oil furnace or not, but they have taken oil from me before. They wont take the antifreeze though because it is really expensive to have it picked up and disposed of or recycled. So, unfortunately, you might have to take the antifreeze to Waterville. I have some too though and wouldn't mind trying to work something out with you if we can find a place that will take it.

Jake Harr

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