Saturday, August 2, 2008

Biogas digester build

This is my biogas generator project stage one, the motor retrofit. This is a 9hp pull-start Craftsman, probably made by Tecumseh, since it looks just like the one on our Womerlippi rototiller, and once I even switched out the carbs while I waited for a rebuild kit to come in the mail, and the tiller worked fine. Anyway, this motor now has a dicky carb which probably only needs a clean-and-rebuild, but attached as it is to a rusty shredder blade (its original purpose), it's no good to man nor beast. Gotta get the durn shredder blade off.

Back in the day, when small equipment was mostly pully-driven and pullies were secured with hex bolts or woodruff keys, they came off easily.

But far too many entrepreneurial farmers just switched around and reused engines when the equipment they drove died, and so the companies switched to direct drive, used taper shafts, and put the drive ends on hot so they shrink to the shafts. They can be very difficult to get off. In this case, I picked up new pully-puller in Bangor, and tried that with some heat from the gas torch. But that didn't do the job; the soft steel shredder blade was bent easily by the puller without coming so much as a millimeter off the shaft. So I started cutting through the blade with the stick welder until I ran out of rod. Manana.

While in Bangor I also picked up the bits needed to build the biogas reactor. Watch this space to see more.

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