Saturday, September 20, 2008

Booth bliss

This year's Unity College MOFGA Fair booth was a team effort. Melora Norman collected the materials and made the booth-minding schedule and the students, pictured, filled it, for which they get in the fair for free.

Other booth minders are faculty and staff. Sandra Abbot-Stout, for instance is our gracious librarian, seated behind.

Thanks Melora, Sandy, students and all others who accepted booth-minding responsibility.

Rob Beranek made the President's House poster, behind, and helped me move the big bits of booth and displays to the site and put it all up. Thanks, Rob.

Jake Harr provided the car, which rhymes. Harr -car. Get it? A grease car.

Thanks Jake.

Sarah Trunzo made this quirky sign last year. Recycled. like the booth itself. Jake's grease car is behind.

And no UC display would be real without a Jimmy Carter solar panel. Here the photographer is reflected in the panel, while students mind the booth.

A very creditable turn-out. Thanks again, everyone.

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