Thursday, July 23, 2009

More anemometer testing

Here's our test site on the former USAF radome building at the Charleston Correctional Center again.

This time we have the NRG Systems and RainWise Wind Log anemometers side-by-side, to do a scientific comparison of the accuracy of the RainWise device.

If the device is accurate, we may deploy several of them around the state to strategic sites, to start getting the data we need to correct the Maine wind maps. This project was previously out of the question because of the high cost of equipment. The RainWise device, if it works well, reduces the cost decisively.

Actually, the Charleston site is ideal not just for testing -- the USAF building is a superb test platform -- but also as a strategic site. We will learn a good deal about Maine wind just from this one site, which is in mid-central Maine on the highest point for 30-40 miles in any direction.

That kind of thing makes me very happy indeed.

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