Saturday, December 5, 2009

Best activity pictures of the semester

What did you do with your semester?

This is a cross section of what my students were doing. These are in reverse chronological order.

What these pictures have in common is that they are all "action shots" and unposed, although some of the subjects knew they were being photographed at the time and struck funny or silly poses.

You can click on an image to enlarge. Narrow or widen your browser window to make captions line up with photos.

"Dead-eye Dierdre," ready to shoot.

Snorri, the Womerlippi Farm rental ram, ramming it up for the camera.

Me, working on the decibel-linked anemometer for the Fox Islands Wind project

Ervin, one of our local Amishmen, climbs his turbine. He needs to get a safety harness.

Ervin concentrates on some welding

Kaylee and Heather board some boarding boards

SAR team students on a mock evacuation

Teaching the horizontal lower using the tandem system.

My favorite classroom setting

Getting ready for the lower

Learning to rappel

Spreading "mud" for the barn foundation: a dance choreography

Tough customers: Who you lookin' at?

A trenchant Unity character.

Cody on the tower at our Charleston wind assessment site

Et moi

Worm's eye view of a Freedom turbine

An Aaron in the wet

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