Wednesday, May 5, 2010

School's out and summertime projects

Well, the semester came crashing, grinding, shuddering to a halt as ever. It's never pretty. There is never enough time to do every job perfectly, neither for the professors nor the students, so there's always a bunch of half-done student work to grade, while you say to yourself "what was she/he thinking."

And there's always much the same feature to the various professorial reporting that must be completed! Now what actually did I do with my school year? Can't for the life of me remember, it was such a blur.

Keeping a blog is helpful, because there's a record. Here are the highlights in slide show form.

What next? After a spot of rest, a bit of grading and graduation, I mean.

Well, there's several anemometry projects to do, including one beginning next Tuesday. It's always fun to do renewable energy projects on the tops of Maine mountains.

There's a PBS film crew coming to film the Jimmy Carter panels, again next week.

There's a barn to finish, just a few bits and pieces. Starting tomorrow, as part of the pre-graduation clean-up day.

There are new students arriving for a NOVA, for which we will provide some hands-on projects.

There's a small farm to keep. Go to if you like small farms.

There are summer conferences and webinars.

All grist for the mill.

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