Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Intelligent enough to adapt?

Here's an interesting phenom.

The city of Chicago is laying in place long range plans to adapt to the climate changes predicted by the national climate prediction agencies, to avoid both future emergencies and different future routine impacts.

Go figure. A city sensible enough to actually use the science they've been given. But then the excess deaths they got from heat waves in 1995 were a serious lesson in climate reality.

Notice too that the emerald ash borer is on their list of problems. This little bugger is in states to our south and north, and it's just a matter of time before someone imports a few to Maine, in a truckload of firewood or something like that.

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Jacob said...

It's good that Chicago recognizes the threat emerald ash borer poses. It would be nice to see Illinois get serious about closing the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, too. Asian carp poses a great threat to the great lakes, and re-separating the Mississippi River and Great Lakes basin is a pretty obvious move if that threat's to be taken seriously.