Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nick Stern on developing countres' responsibilities

According to my morning Guardian, my favorite and most formidable policy wonk, Lord Stern, has apparently released a new report on why basic math precludes developing countries, particularly India and China, from continuing to evade responsibility for climate emissions reductions.

(Backgrounder: The Stern Review of 2006 continues to be the keystone text for those interested in a more or less conventional economic approach to climate change policy -- something that doesn't require barricade-storming or other unlikely revolutionary activity on the part of the world's people, especially middle-class people that have the vote. He left the UK Government after the election a couple years ago, and became a professor at the London School of Economics and head of a major UK climate change think-tank, the Grantham Institute.)

Of course, when I wanted to read this report over my morning coffee, the miserable Grauniad couldn't provide me with a link.

Is it just me, or are their standards slipping in their attempt to become the world's leading liberal intellectual newspaper -- lots of typos lately.

But then neither could the Grantham Institute. I'll try to find it later today.

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