Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mitigation and adaptation materials for class

The AMS Climate Studies textbook we're using for GL 4003 Global Change doesn't have much information on mitigation and adaptation, just one fairly weak chapter.

Here are some of the additional materials we've used.

Don't put too much effort into these materials for the exam -- there will only be (at most) one or two paragraph-answer questions, plus a small number of multiple choice questions. In either case we will concentrate on the key concepts discussed in class (such as institutional control, combustion, UNFCC Scopes 1, 2 and 3, calculating GWP, monetization and RECs, etc, the multiplicity of schemes, whether voluntary or statute-based, AASHE, STARS, Clean Air - Cool Planet, RGGI, AB32, double-counting and corruption, unaccounted-for efficiencies such as transmission losses versus distributed power production, and so on).

But you may need these references for future reference (graduate school!).

The slides used in class, and

The main texts used to assemble the information:

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