Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Revision is hiring!

Our largest regional solar power company is hiring -- again. They really know how to pump out the jobs and give the lie to all the far-right nonsense about climate policy being job-killing. As I've said for years now, "Green Keynesianism" works, and may be our best hope for stabilizing the climate, considering that all the alternatives have fatal flaws.

That's the good news. The bad news is you need a ticket or two for three out of the four positions, which SEM students won't yet have.

As I keep telling students, if you really want to work in the less cerebral side of the sustainable energy business -- if you want to work with your hands some of the time in other words -- you'll generally have to either go to community college to train for a license, or get a starter job, or both.

I got my "ticket", which in my case was a military engineering school qualification that made me eligible to be a supervising aircraft technician, many, many years ago.I then followed that up with six years on the flight lines and in the hangers. I never looked back. And, if you develop the skills of one serious trade, you can adapt to many, many others. In fact, I always feel sorry for people, especially men (I know this is sexist), that can't work with their hands. They are truly at the mercy of life's silly whims and disasters, especially if low income, and often bewildered by the basic engineering that literally holds their lives up. So I often recommend this pathway for those of my SEM students that struggle to keep attentive in class.

There are plenty of jobs for people without licenses and certificates, but these are the indoor ones for the most part, or the ones that require graduate school.

BTW, no license is required for the anemometry field. And I just heard of an interesting new internship opportunity.

But here's Revision.

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