Thursday, April 2, 2015

ESS Project descriptions and work plan

Following your discussions with Dr. Kahl today, outline in your groups and prepare a formal, one page project description and work plan:
  1. A paragraph description of your project, including target audience/survey population, and technology requirements
  2. A workplan, including timelines, deadlines, and individual assignments for group members. The grade for the project will be split 50-50 between how good the the overall project is, and any individual performance, particularly in meeting deadlines and producing high quality work. The workplan should assign as many tasks as can be assigned, and detail who is going to be responsible for which task. If it's a group task, not individual, say so. I will be asking for anonymous assessments of individual performance from each group. You may change the workplan as you go along, but you need to file one with me by next Thursday
  3. This assignment will be worth 5% of the 30% grade for the project
  4. HEADS-UP: Groups will present their projects in class at the end of the semester

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