Monday, September 26, 2016

EcoEco exam 1

EC 3003 Ecological Economics
First Take-Home Examination
Due Friday October 7th, 5pm, by email


This is a take-home exam. You may research the answers. Cite all sources other than lecture and the Daly/Farley text. Answer all questions. Do not confer with other students. Do not submit via Canvas.

Short answers (one or two paragraphs):

1.     Why and how can Dr. Mark Sagoff accuse Ecological Economics of “senescence” and being academically fit for “assisted living”? (In The Rise and Fall of Ecological Economics,” Breakthrough Institute Journal,  June 20th, 2012.
2.     Explain why Julian Simon thought the price mechanism would take care of resource shortages. Will it?
3.     Detail the “means-ends” spectrum, discuss current societal context and meaning, and explain why it is really not a spectrum.
4.     Aldous Huxley, in Brave New World, posited a future society in which “soma”, a drug that produced happiness and even euphoria, was used to exclude negative feelings such as sadness, grief, and so on. What is the lesson for mainstream economics?
5.     Thomas Piketty and Robert Reich share social theory (and a graph). Explain how and why.

Essay: Attempt one (only one) of the following topics in properly researched, cited essay

Trace the history of Peak Oil theory and explain its failure. What bias was inherent in ecological economics such that it failed to identify current trends in oil supplies?

Relate “Jeffersonian democracy” to ecological economics. What is the role of the “Common Ground Fair”?

Explain the failure of sustained yield theory in the Gulf of Maine cod fishery.

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