Tuesday, November 8, 2016

EcoEco second midterm

EC 3003 Ecological Economics
First Take-Home Examination
Due Friday before or Monday after Thanksgiving Break, by email


This is a take-home exam. You may research the answers. Cite all sources other than lecture and the Daly/Farley text. Answer all questions. Do not confer with other students. Do not submit via Canvas.

Short answers (one or two paragraphs):

1.     Write a five-question public opinion poll on an issue of your choice. Include salient demographic questions (as part of the five)
2.     Describe the role of North American fossil fuel reserves in current geopolitics
3.     Detail modern sustained yield management theory
4.     Detail the economic policy of the winner of the 2016 presidential election
5.     What is the impact of climate policy on coal production and coal economics in the USA? Use a chain-of-logic approach to answer this question.

Essay: Attempt one (only one) of the following topics in a properly researched, cited essay

Trace the history of US intervention in the Middle East since the “Carter Doctrine.” Is there evidence that this has not always been “blood for oil?”

Create a public opinion poll script to determine why some Unity College students do not exhibit an environmental ethic. Include demographic measures. Attach a list of hypotheses you are testing with the poll.

What would your economic policy be if you were elected president. Be specific. (Be very specific.) Relate to theory and ideology.

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