Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Global change first exam

Global Change
First Midterm Exam

Due Wednesday March 1st

Answer all questions. If you don’t know an answer, put down what you do know. This is a take-home exam. You may research answers. You may discuss them with the instructor. You may not confer with other students. Email your exam to the instructor at when complete, or hand in a hard copy. Do not submit through Canvas.

Part 1: Questions 1-5 (10% each)
  • Explain the role of the polar jet stream in Maine's winter climate.
  • What drives the Gulf Stream? Explain.
  • What is earth's energy budget? What would happen if some climate phenomena added a watt/meter square of additional energy on the output side while leaving the input side the same?
  • Explain how a greenhouse works. Relate this to the climate "greenhouse effect."
  • Explain how a climate anomaly is calculated.

Part 2: 50%
Access climate data using one of the web sites shown in class or use this data set here. Explore the data using a data analysis package such as Excel, .jmp or Smith’s Statistical Package (Links to an external site.). Develop a hypothesis relating to the data that can be tested using the package. Perform an inferential statistical analysis to test the hypothesis. Report the results, including the exploratory statistics. Discuss

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