Thursday, January 29, 2009

Iron fertilization experiment to go ahead

This one is for those students of marine biology that think marine biology is all about playing with the dolphins, and that climate change (and genetics, physiology, cell bio, calculus and all the other difficult subjects) is nothing to do with them.

My wife lovely Aimee, a serious marine biologist, evolutionary ecologist, conservation biologist, and all-around nerd (just like me) calls these less serious starter members of her profession "dolphin girls."

The Guardian reports that the first large scale ocean geo-engineering experiment designed to provide test-of-concept for one possible way to limit climate change is to go ahead.

It's interesting to think of the knock-on effects on the marine food chain. Marine ecosystems, I learned from my wife, are more like food webs than terrestrial systems, which tend to be closer to the traditionally linear food chain.

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