Thursday, January 22, 2009

A road not taken

Here's a link to the Official Google Blog with news of our Jimmy Carter solar panel that we shipped to DC just last week. Google is putting the panel on display at it's DC office.

Here's a link too to the blog post just before Christmas of the panel cleaning process. It took more than a little elbow grease on the part of Aaron and myself and the Maintenance staff to get it shipshape.

Also posted is a Youtube clip of Roman Keller and Christina Hamaeur's movie, The Road Not Taken, featured our students taking the first panel that we shipped, to the Carter Library.

I have good memories of the movie-making process, and the clip brings it all back.

This might be a good moment to thank Google itself, particularly for the Google Blogger software, which I put to dozens of good teaching and outreach uses every single work week.

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