Monday, February 23, 2009

Free pizza for sustainability sleuths

I'm offering a free sixteen-inch pizza on this snow day at the UHOP for any student who can find the not-so-deliberate mistakes in this New York Times article about British makers of home-produced bio-diesel.

There is one major climate change blooper, as well as one major misconception that carries throughout the article. Any student who had taken either Human Ecology or it's replacement Environmental Sustainability, and gotten a passing grade, ought to be able to find both.

To claim your pizza, just be the first to add a comment below with both right answers.

Small print: You must be a Unity college student to compete. Any of the many sustainability wonks who read this blog from time to time can hold fire, or if you simply can't resist, email me your answer at, and I will give you the satisfaction of confirming that you're correct. But no pizza for you.

That means you too, Stef.

Here's the offending article:

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