Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Peak's Island Wind Resource Assessment

Can you say "anemometry?" I have a really hard time getting it out. But that's what we're about these days. Wind resource assessment is easier to say, so maybe that's why it's the standard term.

But anemometry is more fun to try to say. Try saying it six times fast.

I went with Sustainability Design and Technology student Cody, and Efficiency Maine's Environmental Educator, Katie, to do a preliminary survey of a wind assessment site on Peaks Island, Maine, and to give a community talk on wind power and wind assessment.

This is us on the ferry. I always enjoy Maine islands, as they remind me of Scotland.

The best place to put our anemometer tower, we determined, was at the top of this old WWII lookout tower. Back in the day, the German subs would lie off Portland and try to sink the liberty boats as they left the harbor for good old Blighty.

So we can put this very old building back to good use. That's what I call recycling.

The next picture is of Cody at the top of the tower.

A 360 degree view of Casco Bay and the Gulf O' Maine. A five-star anemometry study site if there ever was one!

On the ferry home, the lights of Portland were spectacular in the clear night sky.

All in all an excellent field trip and immersive educational experience in community wind assessment and planning for Cody and Katharine. Thanks to the Peaks Island Environmental Action Team for being our hosts, and especially for taking us to such a great community suppah!

For more details on Community Wind Assessment, a program of Unity College Center for Global Change and Sustainability, click here.

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