Friday, March 6, 2009

England, Holland, and Iran?

What do the US, England, Holland, and Iran all have in common?

Apart from the fact that I have family in the first three, they are places where there are people who have visited this site in the last hour! I just discovered that BraveNet, the site stats service for this blog, has a geographic counter device.

Interesting. The way that the Internet, even after nearly 20 years, continues to change our lives, and minds, never fails to amaze. Why do people from these other countries want to read about the sustainability activities at a tiny environmental college in Maine?

I guess the visitor from southern England might be from a farm blog I read each day, but it could be an entirely new visitor. It might be cousin Steve or his wife from Holland, but not necessarily. And Iran. I don't know anyone in Iran.

Possibly an ayatollah is considering going green? I have to say, I think you should go democratic first. My advice to Iran. You're welcome.

Hopefully everyone who visited found something interesting to read. It makes me want to sit down and write something fun. But today is the last day of class before spring break, and I am tried and need to recharge. I don't plan to do anything very strenuous, either academically or otherwise.

But, undoubtedly, I will get back to it. The students will be gone for a while, but we have interesting things going on. The architects are coming today to show us preliminary ideas for a new building, supposedly a net-zero carbon-footprint academic building. We have lambs on the way at the Womerlippi farm. And the UC student blogs are all talking about spring.

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