Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Increase in predicted increase of sea level

Bad news for Belfast. At the Copenhagen conference, scientists have upped the projections for sea level rise.

Actually, the most affected regions in Maine will be coastal wetlands. For the first meter or so, many towns will be able to build protective bulwarks, and adapt to occasional storm surge floods.

In general, the news report says, scientists think most of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report details, like the sea level rise predictions, are up for revision already. The reasons are mostly to do with new data, such as the recently detected warming in east Antarctica, or the increased summer melt in the west of the continent.

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Steve said...

Sea level rise is the least of our problems. On the NBC nightly news last night Brian Williams reported that Pres. Obama met with economic advisors yesterday and was informed that the worldwide economic collapse has a current pricetag of $50 trillion. By comparison the worst case estimate of the cost of adapting slowly to climate change is $9 trillion.

Clearly our focus should be on creating sustainable jobs, not imposing draconian Cap and Trade tax policy on already beleaguered citizens due to highly speculative concerns about global warming.

Did you catch the 4 day conference on Global Warming that just concluded in NYC?