Saturday, January 30, 2010

Obama pledges 28% reduction in federal emissions

This from the Guardian. This is a fairly significant effort, and is going to require a good deal of energy-auditing and thinking outside the box on the part of the federal government. Most large federal buildings and campuses will have to have sustainability-coordinator types, and the demand for cost analyses and engineering is going to skyrocket. As always, I'm not sure we have anywhere near the professional capacity in place and in the pipeline to actually do the work. But the federal government will help build that capacity by demanding the services, and the educational market will have to provide.

US pledges to cut federal government emissions by 28% by 2020

Barack Obama will also propose a tripling of government funding for new nuclear reactors to more than $54bn

Barack Obama used his presidential authority to help advance his climate change agenda today, announcing that the US federal government and agencies would cut their giant carbon footprints by 28% by 2020.

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