Friday, July 16, 2010

Reigning opinion

The Prince of Wales has come out strongly against climate deniers.

Not sure how I feel about this, actually. On the one hand, I'm pleased to have another high-profile voice helping out. On the other, having lived in a republic for 25 years now, should I really care? Monarchism in Britain, I tell my hyper-meritocratic American spouse, is kept primarily for tradition and for tourism, and we turn a nice profit on it.

So if I pay any attention to the Prince on climate, I'm perpetuating the power of the monarchy?

Actually, I'm quite fond of the Royals, as are most Britons. I tend to see the Queen not so much as head of state, but as the nation's great-grandma, and was pleased to see her on TV the other week in NYC. Charles has always been a strong advocate for environmental causes. Charles is a kind of eccentric cousin who's job it is to enliven family parties with strange opinions.

And, once a cause becomes monarchical, at least in Britain, you know it's mainstream.

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