Sunday, January 23, 2011

Off the dole

A very interesting new article by Jeffrey Leonard, a renewable energy investor and chair of the Washington Monthly.

Interestingly, his suggestions to remove all energy subsidies gel completely with those of Dale McIntyre, a regular commentator on Revkin's DotEarth blog, with whom I've had a couple of on-line debates.

McIntyre works as a researcher for Conoco-Phillips (although his personal comments are not authorized by the company) and often appears to be an apologist for oil (although he actually works in the bio fuels area).

But in this case the two points of view coincide.

I don't think Leonard will get his wish, there being rather too many vested interests involved for Congress to do away with energy subsidies in one fell swoop as he suggests, but nevertheless it's an interesting proposal.

And Leonard is completely up-to-date in the state of play across the entire energy market. It's always a pleasure to read anything this knowledgeable. Much of what passes for energy debate these days is spouted by people who know nothing about what's going on in solar, wind, or natural gas.

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