Monday, January 31, 2011

Rogue's Gallery

The Admissions staff were asking for photos of the Sustech students and students in general in action on sustainability projects.

I had a bunch of good pictures, but didn't see why we couldn't also see them on the blog.

From the top, no last names:

1) Kiera and Jennifer rig a met tower

2) Cody on a naval look-out tower, potential community wind site

3) Cody on a former radome tower, potential state-owned wind site

4) Ryan makes a beam for the animal barn

5) Dead-eye Dierdre on the animal barn roof

6) Jake with an airfoil for a home-made turbine

7) Tim, different Jake and I help CAT raise their Marbec turbine

8) Cody and Steve out on the Vinalhaven anemometer job

9) George Baker and Jamie with a sensor

10) Jamie, Mary, Steve, Cody, Heidi and self at Vinalhaven #1

11) Heidi hugs a turbine. Needs bigger arms.

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