Thursday, September 15, 2011

Corporate carbon counting

The Guardian reports that many if not most major multinationals have begun to think directly about climate change in their business strategy.

This could be good, or bad, if like Exxon Mobil or BP the business strategy they have chosen is to take advantage of climate change, as in these companies' decisions to drill for oil and gas in the high arctic.

But at least many of the corporations are interested in saving energy.

"...59% of companies reported that the cost of schemes to reduce emissions such as energy saving projects in buildings, installing low-carbon power and changing the behaviour of staff, were recouped within three years.

Almost three-quarters of businesses (74%) who responded to the survey now have emissions reductions targets, up from two-thirds (65%) in 2010.

Utilities companies have the best average climate change performance while energy companies lag behind other sectors, with fewer setting targets, taking action or disclosing information."

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