Sunday, September 18, 2011

Krugman v Minkiw

Last time our introductory economics class was taught, we used Professor Gregory Mankiw's book.

We'd have kept using it if it hadn't been so expensive. Most of our students work at least part-time, and any money they get from parents or loans or GI Bill tends to have to go for food or rent, not textbooks.

They certainly can't afford $200 textbooks when $20 ones are available that cover the same material.

Another, by Professor Paul Krugman, that covered the same material was available, and there were plenty of secondhand copies on the Amazon resale market. This semester's students were able to get their books for less than $20.

Is it ironic that last year's expensive book was by the professor who is advising the party that thinks millionaires should pay less in taxes than the middle class, while this year's cheap book is by the professor who is arguing for a yet-greater jobs program?

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