Thursday, November 3, 2011

More sheep mowers

The Womerlippi farmers mow lawns and clear brush with a small flock of sheep, and have long been advocates for this system: using woolly critters instead of gas- and diesel-guzzling, polluting, climate-change causing lawn mowers.

We've even tried, with very little success so far, to introduce the idea to Unity College, which has what seems like a good square mile of lawn.

You can lead a sheep to water...

But if we're about anything here on the farm, it's perseverance. I'm sure the Unity College sheep herd, and shepherds, will have their day.

And the Unity College sheepdogs. They should have their day too.

Every dog has his day.

Here's another article, one of many I've read in the last few years, about urban shepherds and mowing lawns with sheep.

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