Friday, February 10, 2012

Trump hates turbines

One consequence of being a part-Welsh Englishman who has lived in Scotland for a good few years, been part of her emergency service system, studied her economic history for an advanced degree, and climbed most of her mountains, is that I fully comprehend that volatile and bloody-minded part of the Scottish and indeed Celtic national character which exhibits itself primarily as a yearning for ethnic and national independence and a level socio-economic playing field.

No country on earth has a people more protective of its historical stand on independent though and politics, and less respectful of wealth and privilege, than Scotland.

It may be too, in this world where the neo-liberal economic paradigm (invented by the lowland Scots) dominates, that the Scots have moved decisively in recent years to repudiate that paradigm in their own, relatively new, self-government at Holyrood.

So Donald Trump is either barking mad, or barking up the wrong tree, when he sends a rude letter to Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond accusing him of "destroying" Scotland with offshore wind turbines.

Nothing could be better calculated to backfire.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Scots decide, by popular acclaim, to double the size of the proposed wind farm just to show The Donald who's the boss of Scotland.


You can't make this stuff up.

What was it that Holywood had Mel Gibson say when playing Wallace's death by torture at the hands of the English?

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