Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Talking about when the penny might drop earlier, I see from my favorite SEM job board, Clean Techies, that Saudi Aramco is hiring lots of renewable energy and energy efficiency specialists.

And I mean lots.

These would be top dollar jobs, although you would have to suffer the indignities of being an ex-pat in Saudi Arabia, where a kind of apartheid is practiced between westerners and the middle and lower echelons of Saudi society, who tend to be religious and intolerant of western attitudes.

But still. If I were 25 again, I might consider it. Put in a few years. Retire at 40.

Saudi Aramco.

It's a kind of coming of age, of sorts, for the renewable energy industry. I've said it before: My work used to be radical, but now it's mainstream.

It's the dinosaurs out there crying out to protect the "lifestyle" of coal-mining that are radical.

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