Thursday, August 16, 2012

Biodiesel Boosters

Photo: Former student Jake got deep into the biofuel topic

A group of scientists, including our own President Stephen Mulkey, have come together to promote biodiesel.

They have a blog up at

Among the attractions are support for students to study biodiesel, and later in the fall, a webinar, which we'll likely be using in class.

For now, here's some former Sustainability Blog posts about Unity College's involvement in biodiesel:

The former Grease Car clubhouse, sadly defunct

Josiah's ethanol truck. (Whatever happened to that jalopy?)

Jake's grease-powered Jetta

Anders on life-cycle costs of biofuels

Anders on biofuel and conservation 

Bob Zeollick from way back on the ethics of biofuel

Running the Put Solar on it campaign bus on biodiesel

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