Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Greasy Garage of Sustainability

~Peter Knipper welcoming all to the garage.

The "Grease Garage" is located in the far garage bay of Unity Colleges Sustainability house, formerly referred to as "the white house". This garage bay is in the process of being fitted with tools and other amenities to serve as a sanctuary for sustainable handy-work. From its current primary use as a filtering station for waste vegetable oil powered vehicles, to repairing and testing wind turbines and other sustainable technologies, the more aptly termed Sustainability Garage is a cool (it's winter and not heated--yet) place to pass time. On a weekly basis, despite the temperature steadily hovering in the teens, students Peter Knipper, Clayton Kern, Will Hafford, Toria Arnold and Jake Harr have spent several hours filtering waste vegetable oil to power 2 student driven vehicles.

~Waste Veggie Oil passing through a gravity feed filtering system

~Student built, more elaborate filtering system

Students have been in correspondence with others in the community that have expressed interest in their efforts. The students are more than thrilled to share their efforts and knowledge with members of the community--after all that's what it's all about. For up-to-date information on Grease Cars at Unity College, questions can be directed to JHarr05@unity.edu or to WHafford04@unity.edu

~Mattress surfing--Sustainability is not always serious!

Please stay tuned, as the garage is slowly transforming into a really neat place, harboring great learning opportunities.

For now, enjoy the Photos!

~Jake Harr working on his 1978 Diesel Mercedes (300D)

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