Thursday, January 31, 2008

New axial wind turbine design

Picture from today's Guardian, by Grimshaw Architects

Vertical axis wind turbines, like the Darieus or Savonius types have certain advantages over traditional "windmill types." The generator can be placed at ground level, easing service, and the need to support the great weight of generator and power conversion equipment is reduced. Weighed against this are the disadvantages that it is harder to reach a good altitude, and devices may be top-heavy and thus unstable. Wind power increases greatly with altitude, or distance from surface interference. This new type from a UK company, which at least partially solves these problems, shows great promise for offshore use.

The Aerogenerator wind turbine

Duncan Graham-Rowe,
Tuesday January 29 2008

It may resemble a giant rotary washing line, but it might just help Britain mee its hugely ambitious new wind energy targets. At least that's the claim of th company developing a novel "vertical axis" wind turbine dubbed th Aerogenerator.

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