Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Unity Campus Sustainability

EJ Hulverson (a good Yorkshire or other scandahoovian name if ever there was one), grad student of WU, wrote and asked me to fill out a questionnaire on campus climate emssions planning. I posted my answer for students, faculty, and staff to read at our "How to save the planet" page, since it has a good deal of detail on UC emissions plans and thus kind of belongs on that page. Go here to read my full answer to EJ's questions.

BTW, EJ, I just noticed, that would be Doctor Womersley. Hah!

No worries, mate.

-----Original Message-----
From: E.J. Hullverson []
Sent: Tue 1/1/2008 7:36 PM
To: Mick Womersley
Subject: AASHE Best Practices Guide for Campus Climate Planning

Dear Mr. Womersley,

I am a graduate student at Washington University in St. Louis writing
on behalf of the Association for Advancement of Sustainability in
Higher Education to ask for your contribution to our best practices
guide on campus climate planning.

This booklet will facilitate better climate planning among ACUPCC and
non-ACUPCC signatories alike. Your expertise, in conjunction with
academic research, will form the backbone of its recommendations.

Attached is a 10-point questionnaire that covers three areas of campus
climate planning: strategy, action, and evaluation. I appreciate your
participation in this survey and will credit your contributions in the
final product. Additionally, AASHE and I would like to include actual
work in the appendix of this document. Any samples you can provide of
case studies, reports, RFPs, budgets, action plans, etc. will serve as
excellent reference material. Please contact me directly with any

Have a wonderful New Year. I look forward to hearing from you soon and
thank you for your time.

Best Regards,

EJ Hullverson

>>>Dear EJ:

Attached my reply, and our actual analysis, with the data in our own format (sheet 1) and the format required for submission to our State O' Maine climate accounting system (sheets 4 and 5). In general, I would advise KISS: keep it simple, use basic throughput analysis, and avoid double counting.

Some advice on how to avoid fads and bandwagon-jumping would also be helpful. I see a lot of silly decisions made in campus sustainability programs.

And watch out for the new international climate accounting system that will come out of the Davos process soon.



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Kathryn and Ari said...

Mick, I really love this blog! Welcome to the world of wry writers--you should plan on staying here a very long time.