Tuesday, January 22, 2008

From Sarah at Northland College in MN

We have reusable cloth bags, made by a company that also provides a stand for them. They are in all areas where paper is used. Our student-run CRAP Crew, (Community Recycling Action Program is run by Sarah Ingalls (Job title: "CRAP Crew Captain") is in charge, supervised by Keith Giles, the head custodian and green cleaning expert.

This semester we are doing Recyclemania, the national competition, as a means to boost recycle volume a little. But we do very well already. Little paper is thrown away. It helps that the local recycle center is run by Aaron, an alum, so we have very good relations and he is very encouraging.

Compost is also collected by a work-study crew. We have bins outside the two food service areas, and the compost heaps are on campus. We have a truck dedicated to compost, but it's in the shop right now.

We are just now hiring a new supervisor.


On 1/22/08 11:43 AM, "Sarah wrote:

> Hello, Michael!
> Thank you for contacting me so quickly!
> I'm mostly curious about how Unity College has there recycling and composting
> program set up. Where are the cans located? Is there signage around the cans?
> What sort of problems have come up with using the current or past systems? My
> interest is on more of a communications level. So the accessability of cans
> and how they appear to the campus community are important. Anything else you
> would like to add would be fantastic!
> Thank you again!
> Sarah

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