Thursday, January 3, 2008

Note from a parent: Guaranteed Perfomance

UC father Michael M., whose son is a very famous character around campus (and loves nothing better than to go camping in hurricanes), just wrote me to offer his services. Michael, an energy engineer, used to work for the State O' Maine's energy program, but recently took a job with Siemans USA, a leading full service energy manufacturer and green energy company. Siemans offered to come do an energy audit and provide us with a guaranteed performance contract.

These contracts, where a company changes you a fixed cost for power, and then comes in and makes a profit managing consumption down, make sense for institutions that don't have their own engineers and energy economists working for them, as it takes some analysis to figure out how to get energy costs down. At UC, we have myself and Roger Duval, and a history of saving energy that dates back to the first oil crisis, so the pickin's will be slim.

If you're an UC student, energy geek or campus sustainability person and want to read the whole text of this exchange, which is too detailed for the main page, you can find it at the back-up page here.

Guaranteed performance. Now there's an idea. For students' coursework, that is!

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