Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tesla asks for power information

In an attempt to "virtually beta-test," if such a thing is possible, the availability of electrical power charging capacity for battery-electric (and, necessarily, plug-in hybrid) car charging, Tesla founder Martin Eberhard posted an Excel electrical survey on his blog for members of the general public to fill out.

This is a good example, and an interesting application, of a general household electrical consumption cycle analysis, and what energy geek could resist? I think I will assign it in class next semester. The college's "Killawatt" devices will be useful for this. In the meantime, if anyone is interested, here's the link.

BTW, the same information, detailed household electrical consumption cycle data, would be helpful to power companies who will one day soon have to learn how to aggregate and sell solar PV power from decentralized sources, such as household rooftop arrays. See my Nanosolar article for more details, below. And in general, Martin will need rooftop solar and other renewable power supply to be beefed up, in order to make sure his customers don't run their green cars on electricity from coal-fired and other non-renewable power plants.

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