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Energy interns needed

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Subject: Internship Opportunities at the Governor's Office of Energy Independence and Security (OEIS)

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There will be an information session on Wednesday 1/30 at 3pm in the Law
Building for more information. Room location is TBD.

Internship Opportunities at the Governor's Office of Energy
Independence and Security (OEIS)

Our nation, region and state have become dangerously dependent on
unreliable, insecure and expensive foreign oil, natural gas and other
fossil fuels. According to a vast majority of the scientific community,
combustion of these fossil fuels have contributed to climate change,
damage to our environment and threatened the health of our families and
communities. The Governor's Office of Energy Independence and Security
believes we need to chart a course to Energy Independence by creating a
comprehensive State Energy Plan, an integrated and holistic Energy
Emergency Management Plan and a Two Year Energy Action Plan. The OEIS
hopes to create a collaborative strategic planning and decision-making
environment to encourage the development of a public/private partnership
to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. In addition, we seek to
develop and to enact public policies that will transform our current
Fossil Fuel Energy Culture into an
environmentally clean and Energy Sustainable Culture.

Creating a Sustainable Energy Culture:
Students will be able to engage in the following areas of interest:
1. Energy Efficiency and Conservation
2. Renewable Energy such as wind, solar, hydro, tidal etc
3. R&D relating to biofuels
4. Electricity Transmission and Generation
5. Natural Gas Transmission and Generation
6. Co-generation technologies
7. Biomass development
8. Hydrogen fuel-cells technologies
9. Development of energy data, maps and statistics on all energy
sources, transmission and uses in Maine
10. Policies and Programs related to national, state and local
organizations such as FERC and ISO-NE
11. The New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers
12. Energy Utility Regulation
13. RGGI and other environmental issues
14. Federal, state and local legislation
15. Assisting consumers and organizations with energy problems
16. Assisting in developing a comprehensive State Energy Plan
17. Assisting in developing an integrated State Energy Emergency
Management Plan
18. Assisting in developing a Two Year Energy Action Plan
19. Working with federal, state and local governmental officials
20. Working with the leadership in the private sector

Due to the historic high cost of energy prices and the acute need for
immediate action to assist those in need, the OEIS has up to ten
internships available for spring 2008 semester.

Financial Assistance:
The stipend is $2,500 for the current semester.

Student Qualifications:
While a background in energy R&D, IT, public policy, economic or
environmental issues is desirable, we are primarily interested in
securing students who are highly motivated to help others, enjoy working
with teams, intellectually curious and are concerned about the future of
their state.

Student Requirements:
10 work hours a week required with a final research paper on an
assigned topic. Students required to spend some time in the OEIS office
in Augusta.

John M. Kerry, Director,
Governor’s Office of Energy Independence and Security,

Jennifer Puser, Energy Policy Analyst
Governor’s Office of Energy Independence and Security

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