Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hibernation and Kill-a-Watts from Jake (with poetry)

This was in response to a UCvoices note on how to save energy by shutting off your desktop. Jake also publishes his poetry at the foot of his emails. The picture shows the Kill-a-Watt meter. We have some available for check out from the Quimby Library.

I can have a student come to your office and run the Kill-a-watt test if you want.


Jake's Note:

Hibernation is the closest you can get to shutting the computer off without shutting it down completely. It is very nice because you can change the settings very easily to make the power button on your computer send the computer into hibernation and back out of hibernation. It is very quick, making it ideal for a computer you are turning on and off multiple times a day. Many people don't want to take the time to wait for their computer to start back up from being completely turned off--this is where hibernation is nice because it starts back up in a fraction of the time and all you need to do when you are leaving your computer is hit the power button to send it back to hibernation. The best part about hibernation is that you can leave everything you are working on up on the screen and it will be just as you left it when you turn the computer back on.

The computer requires only about 8 watts of energy in hibernation vs. the 100 watts the computer consumes when on and operating. (as you stated before, standby does not save energy like many initially believe. If anyone is interested in this, or doesn't believe the information here, the library has Kilowatt meters that you can check out and plug all of your appliances into and check their energy consumption. It's very interesting and a very good learning experience.

I would bet that internet crimes are not an issue when the computer is in hibernation as it is very close if not essentially turned off. It is a concern though and should be checked into. I hope some of you find this interesting or helpful. Let me know if you have any questions.

Jake Harr

Jake (MacGyver) Harr

Provocative rain screaming
Into a sky that says hello
To the children that stare up from below
The children starve
An abundance of food
Sits in shambles
That olfactory smell of decomposition

Smiles that reek of their distraught
Polyurethane varnish covered candy
Teflon coated hearts
And children that die fools of their naivety
Bones that itch with discomfort
The children look into the rain-showering sky
For answers

All the while
The Man is talking in circles
Around the children of distress
Policy at its best
He assures them
They will be fine
Just fine

Fine with a subsidized death
Of plastic eyes and digital voices
Its policy at its best
We’ll take care of the rest
As the children stare into the sky
Drizzling industrious acidic rain
Into the open eyes of hopeless children

Helplessness in a free market inundation
Devouring the children of tomorrow
Devouring the hopes
Before they arrive
Smiling for money
On the inside
Of many envelopes

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