Saturday, November 24, 2012

Jobs at NEON

The National Ecological Observatory Network is hiring. This is an outfit that, were I twenty years younger than I am, I'd love to sign on with. They are erecting a nationwide set of large-scale permanent meteorological towers/ecological observation platforms that are going to be essential in the future for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The skill set for many of the technician-level jobs is similar to that required for experienced hands on the summer wind crew, or indeed any SEM student that has gotten "stuck into" our various hands-on projects, and knows their way around hand and power tools.

It may seem like a poor use of your four-year Unity College degree to take a job that could be done by a two-year mechanical engineering graduate from a community college, but I would bet that the competition is high and a lot of young four-year graduates from all around the country are applying.

Look at an example job here:

See all NEON jobs here:

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