Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Energy job suitable for SEM graduates

Energy Analyst
Job Description

TRC is seeking a qualified energy analyst to support commercial, institutional and residential energy efficiency and demand side management programs.  Candidates must possess knowledge of building systems, energy efficiency, green building and sustainability.  The energy analyst will work collaboratively with clients to develop market transforming programs that promote energy efficiency and demand side management technologies.

Key responsibilities include:
  • Develop with senior level assistance technical standards, protocols and requirements for innovative energy efficiency and demand side management programs;
  • Perform and review facility energy audits, feasibility studies and reports;
  • Develop and implement with senior level assistance quality assurance procedures for energy and green building programs; 
  • Research emerging technologies and standards;
  • Review calculations and assumptions used to estimate or measure savings due to energy efficiency or green projects;
  • Conduct site visits to verify installation and operation of technologies;
  • Communicate with contractors and program participants regarding program rules and requirements;
  • Utilize energy modeling applications and spreadsheets to compare projected energy savings to actual. 

Required Skills
  • Bachelors or Masters degree in Engineering; Architecture, Planning, Environmental Science, Natural Resource Management or Economics;
  • Knowledge of building systems, energy efficiency technologies, green building and high performance design;
  • Knowledge of energy efficiency or green building or related environmental / resource management programs is a strong plus;
  • Understanding of marketing strategy and market analysis techniques is a strong plus;
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills;
  • Team-oriented, hands-on, highly skilled, adaptive, and client-focused;
  • Required Experience
  • Academic and / or professional experience displaying a strong interest in sustainability, green building or energy efficiency.
  • 1-5 years of experience within the green building, energy efficiency, building  industry, environmental or resource management is preferred;
  • Experience with modeling techniques related to energy or environmental planning is a strong plus;
  • Job Location
Augusta, Maine, United States
Position Type

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