Friday, August 30, 2013

Historic House of Commons debate on Syrian chemical weapons attack

How to respond to the Syrian chemical weapons attacks on its own people is a "wicked problem" for the western countries, if ever there was one. It touched off what can only be described as an historic debate in the House of Commons, the lower (and more powerful) house of the British parliament. The best round-up of debate video was in The Telegraph, using ITN footage:

Here's Conservative/Liberal-Democrat Coalition Prime Minister David Cameron making the case for the government's motion:

Here's Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour Party, making the case for an amendment that would have more carefully structured any response, but that may also have had the effect of tying the government's hands.

The speaker calls for the results of the "division", or vote:

Meanwhile, the BBC happened to have a film crew in a rebel-held area of Syria when Syrian jets used some kind of incendiary bomb against a school playground. The footage is pretty gruesome. You may prefer not to watch this one.

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