Friday, August 16, 2013

Unity College's Jimmy Carter panels in the news again

This is truly the gift that keeps on giving, at least for the college's Public Relations Office. Our first Carter panel news article was nearly ten years ago now. My first web page about the panels, long ago removed from the college's web site in favor of more up to date material, went up in 2002!

It was that web page that the Switzerland-based videographers of A Road Not Taken, Christina Hemauer and Roman Keller, used to"rediscover" the panels and begin the process of making the movie.

Now it seems that the solar panels will finally return to the White House.

Here's a link to all the blog articles I've written that contain the search phrase Jimmy Carter. These only go back to 2007.

And here's the panels as they once were, on the cafeteria roof:

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