Wednesday, October 30, 2013

EII Climate Questions

Thanks to Jen for transcribing our list of questions from the whiteboard:

Hello Mick,

Here are the list of questions about climate change that were generated today in class.

Initial Questions:
What is climate change? Has it happened before?
Who or what is causing it?
What role does the weather play?
What areas does it affect?
What human/social problems have resulted? How is society changing as a result?
Quantitative detail--evidence and statistics
What wildlife/conservation problems result?

Derived Questions:
Is it too late?
How long do we have left?
Kyoto Treaty?
What are we doing to fix it? And the government?
Any current or past success?
How can we cope?
How are we educating about climate change?
How do we counter denial?
Innovation? What are others (ex. other countries) doing?

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