Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Climate change assignment for EII

Climate Change Reading Questions                    
Due date December 2nd, 2013

These questions are based on your reading assignments in the climate change unit of Environmental Issues and Insights, specifically Maine's Climate Future and the National Academy of Sciences reading, Climate Change, Evidence, Impacts and Choices

Answer each question fully and thoroughly, using complete sentences and paragraphs. The assignment should be typed.  If you use a source other than the assigned readings, please include a full citation for the source somewhere in your final document. Research other than the assigned readings may be necessary to fully answer some of the questions.
  1. Explain the greenhouse effect.
  2. How does evidence from  Arctic and Antarctic ice cores help explain whether or not the warming we have seen so far is caused by humans?
  3. If CO2 causes global warming, why does CO2 concentration lag behind temperature changes in ice core data sets?  Why isn’t it lagging behind now?
  4. How are climate models tested?
  5. Why is climate change predicted to cause increased precipitation and/or temperature in some areas and decreased precipitation and/or temperature in others?
  6. How will climate change affect Maine wildlife, including game species?
  7. How will climate change affect Maine agriculture?
  8. Why does sixty percent of current energy production get wasted before consumption and how might this fact help us reduce climate emissions?
  9. How do web pages, letters and booklets from groups such as the "Non-Governmental Panel on Climate Change" affect the perception of climate change in the public mind? Where does the money they use for these efforts come from? How do you feel about this?
  10. Do such groups prevent us from taking meaningful action? If so, what should be done about it?

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