Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Final project assignment for EII

Due either the last day of the semester (Friday Dec 13th) or in time for the special EII section of the student conference (Monday Dec 2nd) -- your choice. Student conference participation is optional, but may be recommended for the best products.

Research an environmental issue of your choice. You may work in groups. Identify a thesis related to the issue and supporting evidence, as well as the environmental or conservation organizations that are working on the issue. Prepare a "New Media" presentation built around the thesis, providing supporting evidence, highlighting the work of the organizations.

Prepare a short outline proposal for your project and submit by email before Thanksgiving Break.

You may, if you wish, use a more traditional media format, but only after discussion with the instructor.

Examples of allowable new media:
Video documentary, if combined with interactive features
Video storytelling, if combined with interactive features
Web pages
Weblogs, Facebook groups, Twitter feeds (this last may be too short a format to achieve the learning objectives)
(The key defining feature is that the media are interactive for the user)

Allowable traditional media
Stage plays
Sketch comedy
Traditional video documentary
Journalistic writing
Fiction writing (short fiction would be best)
Slideshows and presentations
Papers and journal articles

The options are deliberately wide. Don't get lost in your choices! Pick an issue and format for your presentation that you or your group feel confident you can finalize and stick to it.

Use "backwards design" to help structure and outline your presentation, and also to organize your schedule: Start with your topic, and decide on a thesis. Then decide what your want to achieve with this topic and thesis. What is it that you want to tell, and to whom do you wish to tell it? From that, pick a media format that will best reach your audience, and then organize your schedule so you can deliver a product using this format.

Workshop time will be made available during class hours and by appointment with the instructor so that you can get help with this project. The Quimby Library Media Technician, Ms. Olson, is standing by to help you with video and other formats.

Here is a winning example from last year.

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