Monday, March 17, 2014

EC 2003 links from Jim G.

Relevant to conversations we're having in our Ecological Economics class:

Hi Mick,

I'm sending along the link of the World Health Organizations report that mentions the "Invisible Hand of the Market" that I had mentioned to you. 

The context of the report is based on the regulation of industries who are in control our nations food supplies, and recommends that nations need to regulate these industries to combat the rise in obesity rates across the globe.  WHO warns that if action isn't taken that the invisible hand of the market will continue to promote and produce unhealthy food which will lead to increased complications for peoples health and for the economic prosperity of nations.

Here's the link.

On another note, something that plays directly into our conversations in our economics class. 

I was watching the C-Span coverage of the Ukraine Aid Bill Markup that was simply fantastic.  It's a bit long, but all the things that we talked about in regards to the economics of nations and the natural gas industry, to the affects that exportation of natural gas will have on our nation are brought up during the course of this hearing.  I was really impressed with the comments made by the senator from Massachusetts, Edward Markey.

Here's the link to the C-Span coverage of the hearing.

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