Thursday, March 20, 2014

EMT issues RFP, HCIT

(HCIT: How cool is that! Mostly because it comes via our own Anne Stephenson.)


RFP EM-013-2014, Research and Development and Demonstration Projects under the Renewable Resources Fund

The Efficiency Maine Trust seeks qualified bidder(s) or teams of bidders for community demonstration projects and research and development projects that utilize and demonstrate cost-effective renewable energy technologies.

These grants are designed to provide financial support for cost-effective community energy installations and the development of new renewable energy technologies in Maine while increasing public awareness of these options.

Last year a total of 6 projects were awarded grant funds supporting a range of technologies including biomass district heating, solar electric arrays, municipal solar hot air heating, and a pellet boiler pilot. Proposals will be considered for individual merit per scoring criteria in the Request for Proposals and are not limited to renewable technologies or project types awarded in prior years.

Anne Stephenson
Communications Manager
Efficiency Maine
151 Capitol Street, Suite 1
Augusta, ME 04330
(207) 213-4158

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