Saturday, April 12, 2014

Island Institute internship -- on an island!

The Island Fellows AmeriCorps program has been an integral part of the Island Institute's mission to support island and coastal communities for fifteen years. Island Fellows apply their skills and experience to a community designed project, while living within the community on a remote Maine island for a year, or two.

This year, the islands of Monhegan and Matinicus have applied for a Fellow to support the local electric utilities and the residential community as they work toward lowering the cost of energy.
The Fellow will work with the community to survey island energy use and identify areas to increase energy efficiency.

We are looking for candidates to apply for the Energy Fellowship.  The ideal candidate will have experience with energy systems, energy efficiency measures, and data collection and analysis.
A candidate should also have an interest in renewable energy and exploring island energy challenges, while living in a remote island setting for part of the year.

The Fellowship offers housing, health insurance, a living stipend, and a $5500 education award on the successful completion of service.

If you know of any seniors or recent college graduates who bring knowledge of energy resources and would be interested in this position, please encourage them to apply.

All the best,

Kate Tagai
Community Development Associate ​

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