Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Letter from an Aussie veteran

These paragraphs excerpted from an article by Bill Ryan, an Australian climate campaigner, writing today in the UK Guardian:

"At 92, I was arrested for protesting against [coal] mining. I'm glad I took a stand

The people worried about climate change have got to take action, because the government has completely ignored them. So I’ll continue to protest – I owe it to all children....

...What concerns me is that this coal will eventually be burnt and produce carbon dioxide, and add to the global warming we’re experiencing, which scientists say will only get worse.

...They also say we need to keep 80% of the coal in the ground, otherwise it will be a catastrophe for global warming. The use of fossil fuels must give way to renewable energy.

...I’m now 92 years of age and I was a veteran of the second world war. I served in the Kokoda campaign in New Britain. I thought what we were fighting for there was proper democracy. But I’ve learned that was not the situation. The government doesn’t listen to the people, and this mine is a good example. There were over 300 submissions against the mine, and one submission for it. But it was approved."

Here's the rest of Bill's article.

For those students and other readers that don't know about the Kodoka Trail, read this.

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