Sunday, March 20, 2016

Science fair

A few of us, faculty and students, spent part or all of Saturday at the Maine Science Festival, which combines the state science fair with a few other events.

The science fair is of course for high schoolers, but on the Saturday there's a kind of open day when families bring all their kids. I made sure to have a variety of science and engineering demonstrations suitable for all age groups. This little boy and his dad are learning how to make the simple electric motor.

Admissions Department provided three student ambassadors. They had the hardest job, because they were scheduled all day. I just went from eight until eleven-fifteen or so, when I was relieved by Jim Killarney. He too should have been relieved later by Jennifer Clarke. Each of us bought our own "show-and-tell" materials.

As a result, we rotated the college's exhibit through our respective areas, covering three different topics in sequence, from physics and renewable energy, to paleoclimatology, to wildlife.

That should have kept the punters happy.

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